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About me

Passionate about travel and adventure, it was in Thailand in 2011 when I discovered yoga for the first time. Since then, I have continued to train around the world, including a year in Mysore, India, the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga. I then added Hatha Yoga to my practice and became a certified Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher in 2019, after 8 years of personal practice.

Alongside my university studies, I have been fortunate to participate in several humanitarian projects mainly in Asia (providing aid to a Buddhist monastery, supporting a shelter for injured wild animals, teaching English to underprivileged children…) and in South America (promoting the art objects of First Nations in Argentina). After years of living on other continents, it became obvious to me that I should continue to offer my time and energy to the social and humanitarian field. The promotion of cultural diversity and the fight against discrimination are essential themes for me.

Today, in addition to my job as a yoga teacher, I work at the Red Cross in the Migration and Integration department with a “sensitive” public. I specialize in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, a teaching method focused on complementary therapeutic support for people suffering from post-traumatic stress syndromes and complex traumas.

Also, I am a trained facilitator in teaching yoga for women with endometriosis, through which I enjoy accompanying people who wish to relieve their symptoms naturally.