Traum’Armonia YOGA

Harmonize your Body, Empower your Life

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Traum’Armonia Yoga (“Traum” means dream in German and “Armonía” means harmony in Spanish) was born out of the desire to support each person, following a traumatic event, towards the harmonization of their being through the reappropriation of their body.

Traumatic life experiences leave heavy psychological scars and can therefore prevent a person from living a pleasant and harmonious life.

Together, we will walk the path to wellness, through yoga as a therapy and as a complementary therapy, which is recommended to be combined with alternative or classical medicine.

Yoga is an ancient  practice  which combines several  techniques  that aim to improve self knowledge and connection with one’s self.

These techniques promote  relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration throughout the body and mind. Through personalized guidance and tailored to your needs,  you will be empowered to trust yourself again and to take control of your life.

Yoga is much more than a practice, it is a philosophy of life.

Let the dream of harmony come true !