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Yoga and Trauma

What is Yoga for Trauma ?

In ancient Greek, “Trauma” means “injury”. Trauma is a psychological injury caused by an event in which a person’s physical, psychological and/or sexual integrity has been violated, or where the person has witnessed the violation of the integrity of another person, whether close to them or not, leaving a feeling of helplessness and inability to regain control over their life. 

There are many factors that can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma :

– loss of a loved one
– domestic violence
– sexual abuse
– childhood abuse
– physical abuse and assault
– psychological abuse
– terrorist attacks
– exile
– torture
– war
– threats
– repeated discrimination
– road accidents
– violent accidents
– natural disasters
– …

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (also called Trauma Informed Yoga) is the yoga therapy which has been developed to help people recover from these traumas.

The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute (CTE at JRI), has been developing and using this therapy since 2002, in partnership with expert yoga teachers and mental health professionals specializing in trauma, in order to empower  traumatized people to regain confidence in their abilities and restore courage, strength and self-reliance.
Trauma sensitive yoga is based on the foundations of Hatha Yoga, adapting the movements and forms to the particular needs of traumatized people.

The objectives of these sessions are to :

– experience the present moment
– increase positivity in daily life
– relax the body’s alarm systems
– learn techniques to calm and regulate moments of crisis
– learn to connect with the body through interoception
– relearning to trust yourself and make choices

The exercises are gentle and slow, so there are no prerequisites to participate in the classes other than the desire to explore this alternative and complementary medicine.
The yoga teacher does not physically adjust the postures. She verbally proposes different alternatives to the proposed forms in order to let the participants choose to do the exercises in their own way and at their own pace. Thus, they have the possibility to regain control of their body, with freedom and confidence.

Scientific data

– 10 weeks of Trauma Sensitive Yoga reduces post-traumatic stress symptoms by 33% in women ages 18-59 who experienced physical and sexual abuse as children.

– Two months after therapy, 52% of the women were no longer diagnosed with PTSD.

– 20 weeks of Trauma Sensitive Yoga therapy reduces symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder by 45% in women aged 18-59 who experienced physical and sexual abuse as children.

– 20 weeks of Trauma Sensitive Yoga therapy significantly reduces symptoms of dissociation.

For more information, I invite you to browse the following website :

Classes and fees

Private home tutoring

Private online class

Class for institutions and companies

1h → 120.-
10h → 1100.-

1h → 110.-
10h → 1000.-

(5-12 students)

1h → 40.-/person
10h → 350.-/person

Special rates are available for low-income earners.

Refugees and Migrants

Understanding the specific jargon used by the teacher during the Trauma Sensitive Yoga therapy is essential for participants to get the most out of this technique. Anyone with a language level of less than B1 in English is strongly encouraged to take 2 hours of specialized language classes before beginning the complementary yoga therapy.

I am a teacher with a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language and a FIDE-certified language trainer in the field of integration. With the help of written material translated into the participants’ native language, we will cover the basics of body therapy for optimal results.

Specialized French language courses (total price for the group)

1-3 people

50.- for 2 hours

4-6 people

70.- for 2 hours

7-12 people

100.- for 2 hours

To learn more about Trauma Sensitive Yoga and to find out about the fees,
please see the “Yoga & Trauma” tab.

Yoga and Trauma

In a recent study, TCTSY was equivalent to CPT in reducing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptom severity.

The higher treatment completion rate for TCTSY indicates its higher acceptability as an effective and acceptable PTSD treatment for women veterans with PTSD.